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Unfortunately, some lenders have experienced severe losses due to the subprime mortgage crisis.  This has caused most lenders to drastically tighten the qualification process for fear of further losses, and limited your options for mortgage deals. When searching for mortgage rates today, it is important to consider lenders that not only provide the lowest rates, but also haven't excessively tightened lending standards because of the subprime mortgage crisis. We recommend  the best fixed rate mortgage available, an easy online application, and mortgage lenders that do not charge any fees whatsoever to apply and receive an approval. Additionally it would be helpful if they have not been as severely hurt by the subprime mortgage crisis and are still approving the majority of applications.

After you are approved, you will have the opportunity to lock in your mortgage rate today for a period of 60 days. It is not until you give the go ahead that a $350 appraisal fee will be due. Until the time that you give the go ahead and order the appraisal, there are no fees involved whatsoever.



Housing Not Yet At Bottom
 Real Estate continues to lose value. One expert predicted the subprime financial crisis in 2008 and is now calling for an Economic Depression in 2011 -2012. Learn how he is helping others protect and greatly increase their wealth in spite of the financial crisis. Read more>>>

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