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Whether you are a first time home buyer or trading up to a larger home, we are constantly working to find the best home loan solution for you. Continually surveying hundreds of mortgage lenders as well as anonymously testing their staff, we are always aware of the conditions of the home loan market as well as the lenders involved in it.


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Unfortunately, the subprime mortgage crisis has caused some dramatic changes in the lending climate. Many lending institutions have suffered tremendous losses (amounting into the billions of dollars) and as a result have tightened their lending standards drastically. Whereas it used to be very, very easy to meet the requirements in order to get approved for a home loan, it is now much more difficult with most lenders.

When searching for a mortgage lender, it is important to find one that not only offers the lowest rates, but also has not tightened lending standards to the point that only a tiny percentage of applicants will qualify. At the top of our list right now home loan lenders with the lowest rates, a free and easy online application, and they have not been severely hurt by the subprime mortgage crisis.  They are still approving the majority of applications.

Steps to Take Before Getting a Home Loan

3 steps to take before applying for a home loan

1. Get your credit in shape.
2. Organize your documents.
3. Check your budget.

Before you begin your house hunting, there are three important steps to take to make sure you are eligible for the best interest rates and to make the mortgage application process a breeze.

1. Get your credit in shape: Order your credit reports
One of the first steps any prospective buyer should take is to take advantage of the free credit reports everyone is entitled to request annually, thanks to federal law. While there are many sites on the Web offering "free" credit reports, many of those offers require that you sign up for a free trial of a credit-monitoring service that will cost money if you fail to cancel during the free trial period. Don't fall for that trick. Never provide a credit card number in order to get a "free" credit report. The official site where you can get free, no-strings-attached credit reports annually from the big three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) is You can receive one free credit report from each of these three agencies every year.

2. Organize your financial paperwork
You also should obtain and organize all the financial documents that a lender will need when you submit an application. They include copies of your income tax returns, W-2 wage statements, paycheck stubs, bank and investment account statements, divorce decrees, child support documents and recent credit card statements. Having those documents readily available will also help you put together a realistic budget and help you figure out what you really can afford to pay as a down payment. Put together a realistic budget that includes monthly payments for mortgage principal and interest, plus property taxes and insurance.

3. Craft a budget: How much house can you afford?
There is a difference between the maximum payment a borrower can qualify for -- which can sometimes be surprisingly high -- and the amount you can comfortably afford. Track of all your expenses for two months by keeping a daily spending log. You might be surprised at how much you spend on little items that you rarely think about. Once you have this spending data, plug it into your budget. Only then will you have a true idea of how much you can really afford for a home loan.

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