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Complete First Time Home Buyer Resources.

One of the most important resources available to the first time home buyer is information. The more you know and learn about the first time home buying process, the less likely you are to make costly mistakes. Our first time home buyer articles provide insight and education for first time home buyers.


Complete Guide to Getting Government Grants

There are many state programs as well as Federal programs to assist first time home buyers. If you are serious about getting free cash grants, we suggest an excellent resource: a complete guide/tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about the grant process, including the proper way to apply for grants so that you will get approved. There is no cost, it is completely free. You only have to pay $1.97 for shipping. The information contained in it is highly useful and recommended for people who want to obtain cash grants to help with the purchase of their first home. For more information, please visit

First Time Home Buyer Grants in Every State

Up To $10,000 Down Payment Assistance


Free Credit Repair Kit

Improving your credit score will likely take a minimum of 2 months, but will be well worth the wait. By getting a higher credit score, you will greatly increase your chances of approval on the loan as well as qualify for the lowest rates given only to those people who have the best credit rating. An excellent resource for raising your credit score is available for free.

Searching For Foreclosure Bargains

As a first time home buyer, you'll find many bargains by searching through listings of foreclosed homes. Because banks are not in the business of owning and managing real estate, they simply want to get their real estate owned (REO) off the books. The subprime mortgage crisis has created an incredible opportunity to buy foreclosed homes for as little as 20% of appraised value. We've arranged for a free 7 day trial to RealtyTrac, the nations largest provider of foreclosure listings. Don't pay full price for your home. Visit RealtyTrac for homes at less than half price. Simply enter your zip code and the 7 free trial offer is on the next page.

Mortgage Approval

The entire process of buying your first home is dependent upon getting a mortgage. Look for a mortgage lender that has great rates, an easy online application, and their staff is fast, friendly and very knowledgeable. They will make your mortgage application process smooth and trouble-free.

Homeowner Insurance

All real estate owners should have homeowners insurance, and the soon-to-be first time home buyer is included in this group. One of the best firms we've found for homeowner's insurance is available upon request.

Save for a Down Payment

It is very important to start saving immediately. Set aside a certain amount every pay period and stick to it. Learn to live on what remains. Save now for your future, and your future will take care of you. It will be very, very beneficial to save every week, even if it is a meager amount. We strongly suggest that you open an account and discipline yourself to set aside a certain amount every week. Saving a predetermined amount every week is a habit that will pay dividends the rest of your life.

It is highly recommend that you also visit the First Time Home Buyer Grants page for free assistance with the down payment. This will make it possible for many people to qualify for a first time home buyer loan who wouldn't have qualified without the grant assistance.

We also have a special page for first time home buyers with bad credit.

Return to the First Time Home Buyer Programs for other types of 1st Home Buying assistance.


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