First Time Home Buyers


First Time Home Buyer


The following articles provide insight and education for potential first time home buyers:

Cash Grants for First Time Home Buyers

When was the last time somebody credible offered you thousands of dollars in free money? For most of us, that just doesn't happen every day, or ever at all, for that
matter. More

First time home buyer credit

First time home buyer tax extension

6 Compelling Reasons You Should Buy Your First Home

Renters: Here are six very strong reasons why you should move out of your rental and buy your first home. More >>>

The 3 Largest Obstacles to Buying Your First Home - And How to Overcome Them

Many potential first time home buyers believe the obstacles between them and their first home are impossible to overcome. Nothing could be further from the truth...
More >>>

Credit Card Advice for First Time Home Buyers

In our modern world credit cards have become virtually a necessity. Consumers cannot book an airline flight without a credit card. Nor can they rent a vehicle More >>>

Should You Buy Your First Home Now, or Wait for Prices to Come Down?

Prices of real estate have climbed dramatically in the past 3 years. This is true for almost every area of the country. Some More>>>

What Causes Inflation and How It Effects Real Estate Values.

Here is a simple question for you: do wet streets cause rain? < Or does rain cause wet streets? Everyone knows that rain causes wet streets and not the other More>>>

How the US Dollar Gets Diluted, and How To Protect Yourself.

Humankind cannot resist temptation.

Since the days of Adam and Eve, we have all succumbed to our own weaknesses. That's life. How does it apply to money? Read on....More>>>

First Time Home Buyers Should Get a Professional Home Inspection.

There are many reasons for first time home buyers to choose not to purchase a home inspection, and those reasons are primarily in the form of dollars. But keep More>>>

How to Buy Your First Home With No Money Down.

The Down Payment is the Main Setback of Purchasing a New Home.

Buying a first home is an American dream. The conventional home buying process involves paying out-of-pocket cash for down payments More

A Comparison of Rent vs. Own.

Buying a home rather than renting has been a decision many homebuyers and would-be homebuyers have weighed. With no shortage of More>>>

The Benefits of Buying a Multi-Unit Property for Your First Home.

It can be very costly to buy your first home, so here's a suggestion that may seem contradictory, but can drastically improve the affordability More>>>

How to Get Your First Home For Free.

Is it really possible to obtain your first home for free? Depending upon your definition of free, yes, it is. We define free as other people paying the bill for you. More>>>

How to Buy More House for Less Money.

Would you like to purchase a larger home for a lower cost? Here's how. More>>>

How To Get The Lowest Interest Rate Possible on Your First Home Mortgage

Unless you are Donald Trump, lenders will always provide a lower interest rate for a secured loan than they will for an unsecured loan. Security for a loan More>>>

Comparing Different Types of Mortgage Lenders

If you are applying for a home mortgage loan, there are numerous mortgage lending options. First time home buyers may not know where to start. More>>>

First Time Home Buyers With Bad Credit

Interpreting the Housing Affordability Index.

The correlation between oil prices and real estate prices.

Understanding the Purchasing Power of the Dollar.

The Down Payment is the Main Setback of Purchasing a New Home.

How Interest Rates and Real Estate Prices are Related.


Housing Not Yet At Bottom
 Real Estate continues to lose value. One expert predicted the subprime financial crisis in 2008 and is now calling for an Economic Depression in 2011 -2012. Learn how he is helping others protect and greatly increase their wealth in spite of the financial crisis. Read more>>>

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