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It's no secret that the real estate market in the U.S. has deteriorated substantially in the past 2 years. In late summer, 2007, the subprime mortgage crisis arrived. Home values nationwide have fallen in the past 12 months; that's a very uncommon occurrence that signifies just how bad the real estate market is. As a buyer, this can be an advantage to you in more ways than one.

Finding The Right Real Estate Agent

There is a new service for finding real estate agents that is highly recommended. Not only can you find an agent, but with this service you can have agents compete for your business. There is no charge whatsoever to use the service. There are no hidden fees of any kind. You do not have to provide a credit card number in order to register. Learn how to get realtors to compete for your business when buy your next home. To take advantage of this great service, you can sign up for free just by visiting ZipRealty.

Why not use REALTORS® who are willing to rebate part of the commission to you?
When REALTORS® compete, you end up with cash back.

You can join ZipRealty as a Member Buyer by filling out the form on the Buyer Register page. It’s easy and it’s free. It takes about two minutes and you pay absolutely nothing.

What you get as a ZipRealty Member Buyer:

• You will know where our professional Member REALTORS® are located and how much experience they have in residential real estate. You will know even more about them if they have opted to provide you with their "BIO".

• ZipRealty is completely FREE and you are never under any obligation to choose any bid.

To take advantage of this revolutionary new service, you can sign up for free just by visiting ZipRealty.


Housing Not Yet At Bottom
 Real Estate continues to lose value. One expert predicted the subprime financial crisis in 2008 and is now calling for an Economic Depression in 2011 -2012. Learn how he is helping others protect and greatly increase their wealth in spite of the financial crisis. Read more>>>

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