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When was the last time somebody credible offered you
thousands of dollars in free money? For most of us, that
just doesn't happen every day, or ever at all, for that

However, if you are considering purchasing your first home,
there are very credible sources that genuinely do want to
give you thousands of dollars in free money.

Those sources are state and federal agencies, and the
thousands of dollars of free money available comes to you in
the form of a cash grant to help you buy your first home.

It is no secret that saving for a down payment and closing
costs is the largest obstacle that first time home buyers
must conquer. For millions of Americans, this obstacle is
one that is nearly impossible to over come. After paying
monthly rent, utilities, food, insurance, car payments, (as
well as the high price of gasoline), clothing, phone bills,
day care for the children, and many more recurring monthly
bills, there is virtually no money left to set aside to save
for a down payment for a future first home.

The federal as well as state governments recognize this
situation and have created special programs for the very
purpose of giving away money to help people in need buy
their first home.

A reasonable person might assume that as soon as the money
is available at the respective agencies, it is completely
given away within hours, if not, days. It seems entirely
logical that on the day the money becomes available hundreds
and hundreds of people would line up just as fans do on the
day that U2 concert tickets go on sale.

A reasonable person would be wrong.

Each year, the majority of state agencies do not completely
exhaust their funding. For fiscal year 2006, only two states
had requests in excess of their budget and ran out of money
in their programs. For the first time home buyer, this is
very good news. It means that there is currently money
available to help you buy your first home.

The primary reason that the funding isn't exhausted every
year is that the programs are not widely advertised. There
are 3 ways you can learn about these programs: you can buy
the information, you can contact your state representative,
or you can go to a website that provides all the information
for free.

Whatever method you choose, you stand to gain thousands of
dollars in free cash assistance towards the purchase of your
first home. Choose one method and take action. Today could
be one of those very rare days that a credible source offers
you thousands of dollars in free cash.

For complete information, see our detailed section on First Time Home Buyer Grants.

This website provides complete state-by-state contact information for down payment grants. We suggest that you send for the free CD that takes you step by step through the application forms to ensure that you complete the grant applications properly.

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