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As a potential first time home buyer, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the entire process of buying your first house. Our goal is to empower you with the information and resources necessary to give you the confidence and financial help needed to make the dream of buying your first home become a reality. The more you know about the home buying process, the more likely you will be able to purchase the home of your dreams. For instance, the largest hurdle most first time home buyers face is saving the funds necessary for a down payment. Did you know that nearly every state has a program to help first time home buyers with the down payment? Some of that help is in the form of outright gifts: grants that never have to be repaid. In addition to state programs, there are also Federal programs available. There are literally dozens and dozens of programs available to the first time home buyer.  We cover it all within the pages of this site, and provide complete contact information for you. We sincerely want you to be able to buy your first house and enjoy all the wonderful benefits that home ownership brings.

First Time Home Buyer Grants

As previously mentioned, most states have programs to help first time home buyers with down payment and closing cost assistance. Sometimes this help is in the form of low-interest loans, and other times the help is an outright gift: grants. A grant is simply a gift to be used for a specific purpose. Governments want to help people of more modest means experience the many benefits of home ownership. Money is budgeted each year to government agencies for that very purpose. Depending on your income level, you may qualify for a state or federal first time home buyer grant. We highly recommend that you visit this section. For many first time home buyers, grants are the deciding factor in being able to buy their first home. This information is covered in detail at First Time Home Buyer Grants.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Nearly every state has a first time home buyer program. Most states provide educational courses that explain in detail all of the programs (including grants and low-interest loans) available to first time home buyers. Some of these courses are free and some are available for a very small nominal fee. The programs vary from state to state and are described in detail at First Time Home Buyer Programs. Many states have programs for Down Payment Assistance.

First Time Home Buyer Loan

While interest rates have not moved up substantially since reaching 40-year lows of a couple years ago, they are still a major cost factor in buying your first home. The good news is that most states provide low-interest loan programs for first time home buyers. Depending on the state, the savings can be huge compared to conventional mortgage loans. To find out what is available to you, and get the best fixed rate mortgage possible, go to First Time Home Buyer Loan.

First Time Home Buyer Tips

You may be already be somewhat familiar with the process of buying a home. However, the more you learn, the more you will benefit from your knowledge. This section provides tips for first time home buyers covering all aspects of the home buying process. Everything from the things you should and shouldn't say to a loan officer to contract contingencies in a purchase and sales agreement to rebuilding credit is covered in detail in this section. And if you have a question that isn't covered, you can email us and we'll do our best to respond in a timely manner. You'll find great insight at First Time Home Buyer Tips.

First Time Home Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a complete guide that outlines the entire process, step by step,  of buying your first home, then please visit our First Time Home Buyer Guide.

More First Time Home Buyer Resources

There are other miscellaneous resources available to the first time home buyer that aren't covered in other sections of this site. Don't forget to use the home mortgage calculator to find out what your payments will be for various home prices. Because other resources may not neatly fit in any specific category, we've grouped them together in this section. You'll find everything from electronic home appraisals to contact information for real estate brokers that specialize in working with first time home buyers. You'll find this and much more at First Time Home Buyer Resources.


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